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Catch Up With Ultra Distance Cyclist Josh Ibbett

Josh Ibbett has been part of The Rider Firm family since it's inception. He's often off galivanting around the world on two wheels, testing out the products and winning a few races on the way *cough* TCR 2015 *cough cough* GBDuro.
We leant him an E-Adventure when he returned from the GBDuro, having picked up a knee injury. We thought it would be a great time to see how he's doing during lockdown, get his thoughts on ultra-distance races and talk E-Bikes.

Cairn Cycles: Firstly, how are getting on. How is lockdown for you?

Josh Ibbett: Nothing really changed in lockdown for me personally, or any lockdowns so for that matter. Workwise I work for my family business where we run a country store and agricultural sales and service so we are deemed as essential services, so we continued operating as normal, apart from social distancing and facemasks etc. Socially the biggest thing that has been affected is the lack of racing as I normally race cyclocross throughout the winter months, however I’ve been nursing a bit of an injury so I would have been able to race anyway. Having said that I’m getting desperate for some sunshine now!

CC: It was a while back but GBDuro how did it feel to have got the win?

JI: Winning is never a priority for me in bikepacking events, the odds of winning are pretty slim so if I don’t enjoy the process of racing then it’s a pretty pointless endeavour. However winning GBDuro was a huge bonus. The main thing was just to be able to enjoy being out on my bike enjoying riding and a bit of freedom after an incredibly hectic Spring at work.