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Cyclescheme Available | £1000 Off E-Adventure | 60 Day Ride & Return Policy

Context: Why the Cairn BRAVe defies categorization

Blending elements of gravel, rigid mountain, monster cross, touring, backcountry bikes, our all-new Cairn BRAVe defies categorization, built to empower riders and their imaginations to unlock new experiences.
The BRAVe takes inspiration from gravel and mountain riding and combines the benefits of both into one do-it-all electric bike. Our goal with the BRAVe was to design a bike that takes us back to the core of what cycling is all about – discovery, adventure, freedom and most importantly, fun. For us here at Cairn Cycles, the ability to explore the world, regardless of the terrain or the route, is the definition of fun. Whether loaded up for adventure or just riding to explore, there is no better way to see the world than from a bike.
Our Brand Manager, Matt Barnard, goes into more detail about what makes the BRAVe such a unique bike, watch it below...

The BRAVe is available now to pre-order arriving soon. You can order yours below.

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