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New Fazua Connectivity 2.0 Software Update

New Fazua Connectivity 2.0 software update now available.

Great news for all Fazua fans. Following on from the Black Pepper 2.0 software for the drive unit, Fazua has brought new features to the Fazua Rider app, offering an even better user experience.   In addition to adding connectivity to your bike without having to plug it into the computer, they have also added further enhancements like connectivity to third-party devices like Garmin and Wahoo. 

The open Bluetooth interface gives you the freedom to decide for yourself which device you want to use while riding — be it your own smartphone, a navigation device, a bicycle computer or wearables such as a fitness watch. This means that you can now track your training sessions and rides with greater accuracy while viewing and analyzing the data on your preferred bike computer in real-time.

Live Data Displayed Includes:

  • Rider Power
  • Speed
  • Cadence
For installing the Connectivity Software 2.0, you will need the update of the Fazua Rider App first, which is available for free download in the App Store and Google play. The latest version enables you to install the Connectivity Software 2.0.

    How to update to the Connectivity software 2.0

    Third-Party Compatibility List:

    Garmin bike computers & wearables:

    • Edge 530 / 830 / 1030
    • fēnix 5 Plus Series / Fenix 6
    • Forerunner 945
    • MARQ
    Sigma bike computers & wearables:
    • ROX 12.0
    • iD EOX
    Wahoo bike computers:

    All Cairn bikes equipped with a Handlebar or Touch FX Remote are compatible.

    About bluetooth connections to your devices

    This remote software update is the first big step towards a wide-ranging Fazua connectivity environment. We'll continue, of course, to keep you up to date on all new releases. In the meantime do let us know how you get on, we love to hear about all of your Cairn Adventure 1.0 exploits.