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New Fazua Touch Remote

Fazua have released their long awaited new touch remote. The new remote can be integrated in to the frame meaning a much sleeker look and in keeping with the overall integration of the Fazua system. This is good news for all those that like to have their computer, phone, handlebar bag or lights fitting on their handlebar.

The touch remote has been simplified down not only in size and fitting. Fazua have removed 5 of the LEDs so the new remote has just 5 LEDs and 1 main on/off indicator LED. They still provide all the info you need though including the battery life, general health of the system and obviously indicating the mode or assistants level you are in. A new feature for touch remote is it can even automatically change the intensity of the LEDs depending on the ambient light. So you should always be about to see whats going on with your E-Bike. You will find the new Fazua Touch Remote on the Cairn E-Adventure 1.0 from September. these bikes will also feature a new battery release with details of that to follow soon.  

Fazua old vs new remote on cairn cycles e-adventure 1.0

The new Fazua Touch Remote will feature on the Cairn E-Adventure 1.0 from September. These bikes will also feature a new battery release, details of that to follow soon.