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Cairn Seat Post Adjustment Procedure

  1. Use the key to unlock the drive pack. Remove the drive pack and battery from the bike to gain access to the cables in the downtube.

2. Gently push the dropper post cable into the downtube. You can identify the dropper post cable by a small inline barrel adjuster with a Jagwire logo. Allow a small loop of cable to fall below the downtube.

  1. Loosen the seat post clamp    


  1. Find the loop of gear cable in the downtube, push on it and simultaneously raise the seat post. Try to use less force pulling on the seat post than you use pushing on the cable. If you meet resistance, pushing down on the post while pushing on the cable gently can loosen the snagged cable. DO NOT PULL UP HARD ON THE SEATPOST, THE CABLE COULD BE DAMAGED.


  1. Tighten the seat post clamp to 4nm and check saddle height and repeat steps 4 and 5 until desired height is reached.

6. Feed the loop of cable back into the downtube by gently pulling on the cable at the front of the bike.

7.Refit the drive pack and battery, lock and go for a bike ride!