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How To Assemble Your Cairn

At Cairn Cycles we do our best to make sure that there is a very small amount of work for you to do when your bike arrives. In our workshop here at HQ we adjust the gears, brakes and check everything is fitted correctly and set to the required torque settings. However, there are somethings we can not do, mostly to get the bike in a box and to you in one piece. So, we have to remove some bits. This means When your bike arrives follow these quick and simple steps and you will be out on your bike in the time it takes it to charge. 

If there is anything that doesn’t seem right, doesn’t make sense, or is beyond your ability please do not ride the bike. Consult a qualified professional bicycle mechanic or contact us so any issue can be safely resolved.

Safety First! Keep your body and clothing clear of the wheels, gears and brake rotors at all times. The moving parts can cause serious injury.

Tools for the job:

  • Side cutters, scissors, or a knife to remove packaging
  • Allen keys
  • Torx keys
  • Torque wrench
  • Track pump
  • Grease/anti-seize
  • A work stand makes the whole job easier. 

1. Remove your new bike from its box and remove all foam and card packaging. Be careful if using sharp items to remove the packaging so that you don’t scratch the frame.

Sustainability: Please save and re-use any packaging you can. Carefully removed zip ties can be re-used, as can the box for storage/travel. If you need to dispose of anything, please try to recycle what you can.

2. Locate within the main box your spares pack with a mini torque wrench and thru-axle keys.

3. Remove front thru-axle, remove any cardboard packaging, fit the front wheel in the drop outs (locating the disc rotor in between the brake pads in the brake caliper) and then re-fit the thru-axle using your mini torque wrench to tighten the axle up to 10Nm.

4. Place the handlebars in the stem and tighten each of the 4mm bolts to 5Nm using the mini torque wrench. Be sure to tighten the bolts in an X pattern so that there is an even gap at the top and bottom of the stem clamp. When at 5Nm the wrench should look like the following photo:

5. Locate the saddle and Seatpost and insert into the frame, you will need to apply the Carbon Fibre Grip Paste provided for you in the spares pack – we would recommend cleaning the post and replenishing this paste at least every six months (do not use grease as this may damage the Seatpost/Frame).

6. Put saddle to your desired height and tighten the seat clamp to 4Nm.

7. Pump up your tyres. Cairn bikes come fitted with a tubes unless you have specified otherwise. All our wheels and tyres are tubeless compatible. Tyre pressure is a personal preference based on terrain, conditions and of course tyre itself. We would recommend 40psi as a good starting point. DO! check the manufacturer’s recommendations first before riding.

8. Get your bike charged and fit your favourite pedals. We would recommend you fully charge the battery and that you use copper slip, anti-seize or waterproof grease on the pedal threads. Please be aware that pedals are specific to the left or right side of the bike (from the rider’s perspective) and that the left pedal has a left-hand thread.

9. Thats it! Take it for a spin. Make sure to run the bike through all the gears and test the brakes. We would recommend this is a short ride away from traffic as a short shakedown. 

Beware! New brake pads will require bedding in before full stopping power is achieved. Never shift the gears underload. Always shift when seated and weight is off the pedals. 

WARNING: Bicycle riding is inherently dangerous and incorrect assembly or use of our products can increase the chance of serious injury or death. You must read the User Manual before riding. Follow the assembly instructions carefully or seek assistance from a qualified cycle mechanic. Cairn Cycles User Manual, assembly, recommended usage and maintenance information can be found here - Cairn Cycles Help Page

For further information and before riding please read the Cairn Cycles User Manual