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Meet the People At Cairn Cycles

Cairn Cycles is part of The Rider Firm. Cycling, for all of the team here at The Rider Firm, is a core passion - whether we are riding along a ribbon of forgotten singletrack; pounding through the daily commute or racing our riding buddies to the next street sign... riding is very much a part of what we do at The Rider Firm. A lot goes on behind the scenes to bring you bikes created from the drive to deliver a riding experience second to none. Here are the people who make this possible.

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Luisa Grappone Strava

Product Engineering Manager

MSc Aerospace Engineering

Specialist in composites and aerodynamics, having wind tunnel tested her wheel designs with no less than 3 World Tour Teams.

Luisa Grappone hails from the motherland of cycling, pink jerseys and big mountain climbing (aka Italy), but has made the move to Sussex to further strengthen the Hunt wheel development team as our full time in-house wheel engineer. With an MSc in Aerospace Engineering Luisa has a wealth of experience in the bicycle industry having worked for a total of 9 years at Italy's two most prestigious wheel companies with much of her life spent sweating over hot CAD drawings, carbon fibre lay-ups and crunching wind tunnel data.

Peter Marchment

Materials Scientist and Co-founder

Peter designs and coordinates how Hunt Wheels are produced.

Peter is Hunt Wheels co-founder, owner and materials scientist with a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, he even spent a summer in a lab at Queen Mary University having 'fun' with carbon nano tubes. Specialising in composites and metallurgy as well as having the answer to almost anything technically related to our wheels, Peter brings the edge to give you the best riding experience possible. Peter is also our encyclopedia for anything about pro-cycling racing… what he doesn’t know about the tour can be written on the knuckle of a Canary.

Tom Marchment Strava

Product Manager and Co-founder

Tom helps decide what products are created and oversees business development.

Tom is Hunt’s Product Manager, co-founder and owner of Hunt and has a BSc Honours degree in Ergonomics from Loughorough University. With an eagle eye for detail and a drive to deliver purpose focused wheels, Tom agonises about every aspect of what we do here at HUNT | TheRiderFirm. Having started out riding and racing downhill MTB back in the day, then finding XC/marathon MTB and road racing, and even the odd CX race he's covered most bases, probably just because he loved the excuse to get new bikes. Tom still mixes it up with regular road and MTB rides and events, his biggest day out so far was riding the 165 mile Tour of Flanders cyclo full distance a couple of years running. With a long history in the UK Bike Industry, including a strong focus on wheels and sourcing bike components from all around the world, Tom links Hunt to its manufacturers, the team here in Sussex and wherever our wheels are being ridden all over the globe.

John Marchment Strava

Chartered Materials Engineer

BEng Honours In Production Engineering, Loughborough University

John helps design, test and produce your wheels.

Asides from being the father of Tom and Peter, John is one of our in house engineers. Heavily involved with our Research and Development department as well as being able to hold his own during time trials (sub 23 minute 10 miler and he's over 65!). John brings experience to the table and makes sense of all the details behind how your wheels perform. He has some serious history with the black stuff and was a Production Manager at Advanced Composite Components who produced one of the first F1 carbon fibre chassis for Alfa Romeo (who are coming back into F1 now). John also made carbon under-bodies and wings for Indy Cars and managed the production of the first carbon fibre spinnaker poles for ocean racing yachts. Periodically John spends time in the Isle of Man as well as down here in the South of England. John also hammers his wheels through all types of weather and riding conditions to push our 4Seasons mantra to the limit.

Al Vines Strava

Tech and Warranty Manager

Al helps out with all things technical and manages the warranty team at The Rider Firm

Al’s love of all things bike started with riding and tinkering with his Raleigh Commando out in the sticks of Leicestershire. These days you might spot him on a road bike, but his real love is getting away from the traffic and into off-road territory. After graduating from Brighton University Al somewhat bizarrely found himself managing tie-shops in London. After becoming disillusioned with the neckwear industry he landed a job in one of London’s premier bike shops. It was here that he was taught the finer points of bike mechanics under the tuition of the late, great, tech extraordinaire Pete Bolas. From here Al went on to manage workshops for Evans Cycles and set up their suspension servicing business. Al spent the next decade working for a couple of UK distributors in both sales and tech roles before joining the team at Hunt to lend a hand with all things technical. You may recognise Al from the maintenance articles and videos he’s been pumping out for MBR and Cycling Weekly since the mid 2000’s.

Richard Cartland Strava

Customer Service and Tech

Richard will help answer all your queries regarding our bike or any other cycling related questions.

Rich has come to TheRiderFirm with a wealth of experience from racing at elite level. In the years leading up to his racing career best of 16th at the British National Champs, he started out like many of us on a XC MTB back in the 90s. Sick of cleaning a bike and riding inappropriate hardtails, he “saw the light” as he says and switched to road permanently. Outside of the tape, Rich started off in the bike world at Boardman where he was Sales Manager for the South of the UK. 2017 brought him to I-Ride (a UK bike distributor) where he was Brand Manager. He also likes to casually mention that for a brief moment he was a ‘model’ in a Boardman commercial shown during the Tour de France almost every ad break and having more air time than some riders! Being a great climber, he also likes a hill climb TT where he finished a respectable top 10 in 2012 at the UK Hill Climb Champs. Needless to say, he now holds position as having the quickest time up Ditchling Beacon at TheRiderFirm (by a long shot too).

Dan Clark Strava

HUNT MTB Product Speccing, Athlete Tech Support and Warranty

Dan looks after everyone from your average weekend warrior to athletes of the highest level.

Dan just graduated from the University of Brighton, where he studied Product Design Technology. With his advanced technical knowledge from his degree, and many years experience working in the cycling industry, he manages our Warranty department to ensure our customers are kept rolling. Dan is a MTB lifer, and so has a key role in feeding into our product development on the gnarlier side of things. In addition, Dan acts as the primary contact for sponsored MTB athletes, keeping them happy testing our latest and greatest.

Ollie Gray Strava

Brand Manager (Road, CX & Gravel)

Ollie helps get information to you and co-ordinates HUNT Road and CX lineup

Ollie is the longest serving full-time employee at The Rider Firm, and has seen the company grow into what it is today. Starting out fitting tyres and helping send out wheels, Ollie is now responsible for product communications and marketing, and feeds into the development of our Road/CX/Gravel ranges. With a passion for road race & cyclocross culture, when Ollie isn’t at work or racing his bike (or staring at pictures of Mario Cipollini), he can mostly be found in hospital, owing to his fondness for crashing quite severely.

Shirley Leather

Warehouse Co-ordinator

Shirley manages HUNT wheel shipments, the warehouse and postage.

Shirley is one of the first employees here at The Rider Firm / HUNT clocking up a total of three and a half years. Previous to starting here, Shirley was a dry liner on a German building site so she sure knows how too keep everyone in line here. We are yet to get Shirley riding, but she is most definitely warming to the idea!

Stanimir ‘Stan’ Bolyarov Strava

Website and Digital Marketing Coordinator

Stan manages the content on our website, keeps an eye on our social media channels and manages the systems we use to serve you better

Describes himself as ‘just another cycling junkie’ but really does know his stuff. Stan Bolyarov is a Robert Gordon University Management with Marketing Graduate who races road and cyclocross. He has even raced the Bulgarian National Road and TT Championships. To say the least… he is very handy on a bicycle. With experience of Dutch and German markets, having lived in both countries, Stan’s role will lie in pushing forward our website usability to give you the best access to tech information, spares and support you need.

Tom Foot Strava

Customer Service, Tech and Dispatch

Tom will answer any of your questions and help out with any other support you need

Tom comes from a wealth of experience riding and racing all kinds of bikes. Having competed in everything from Downhill to TTs as well as successfully completing an 'Everesting' attempt of Knights Hill in West Sussex. Tom recently received his 3rd Cat License by winning the final race at the SDV Goodwood Race and taking 2nd from a breakaway in the race previous. This coming winter, Tom has his sights set on cyclocross as the next discipline to try his hand at in the near future. When Tom is not riding or talking about bikes, he's always hunting for those extra watts to try and better his 10mile TT PB of 21:43. Tom will be part of our customer service team and ready to answer any questions you have.

Patrick 'Paddy' Blake Strava

Products and Commercial Manager

Paddy helps develop your new bike and wheels

Paddy's background in the cycling industry is quite impressive. Before joining The Rider Firm, he was the Syncros Brand Manager at Scott UK and UK's Brand Manager for Reynolds wheels for 10 years. He was also in charge of product development for Kinesis UK, having developed wheel lines for Kinesis and DMR. His cycling career isn't bad either, having raced XC at a national level in the 90's. He's had multiple podiums at events such as Mountain Mayhem and Muc-off8 with the Kinesis-Morvelo Project (KMP). In 2010, Paddy also started riding on the road and has since done plenty of alpine sportives such as La Marmotte, Time Megeve, Morzine and others.

Sam Meegan

Customer Service & HUNT MTB Product Tech and Communications

Sam covers all aspects of customer service with a bias towards the chunkier end of the tyre spectrum

Growing up riding trials and evenings spent mucking about at local skateparks, it’s fair to say Sam's most comfortable with riser bars and flat pedals, but happy to clip in and get the road miles in too. Sam has been working in the bike industry since school, covering various roles from mechanic, sales and shopfloor management. After not being able to resist the calls of the Canadian mountains any longer, he moved out to Whistler working as the Technical Representative between GT bikes and resort ensuring everyone from staff, patrol and one-off guests alike had a great brand experience.

Now back in the UK, Sam is excited to keep the BC momentum rolling, and scratch the travel itch at the same time, by exploring trails a little closer to home.

Josh Ibbett Strava

Customer Service and Product Development

2015 TCR Winner // 4239KM // 9 days // 23 hours // 54 minutes

Josh helps out with any questions you may have as well as working on product dev ideas and testing HUNT wheels to lengths most of us will never dream of reaching, including winning the 2015 Transcontinental Race on HUNT 4 Season Disc Wheels covering a massive 4239km in an astoundingly short time of less than 10 days!

Josh started out as our very first full-time employee here at TheRiderFirm. Racing bicycles since he was knee high to a grasshopper, Josh has found his niche in ultra-endurance riding and bikepacking events. After holding the legendary MTB record for the South Downs Way Double for over 5 years, his biggest achievement has been taking out the win at the Transcontinental Race in 2015. It is very unusual for Josh to line up to a race which starts and finishes on the same day - although he has now develop a knack for CX over the winter. In May 2017, Josh left for an adventure of a life time and road across then down the length of America. He has now returned to the UK with us extending out a big warm 'welcome back'!

Robin Hursthouse Strava

Customer Service, Tech and Dispatch

Robin can usually be found putting the compressor through its paces in the tyre fitting bay, making sure your tyres are nicely sealed.

An MTB obsessive, he is lucky enough to live at the foot of the South Downs, which is where he heads whenever he gets a chance. He spends most of his waking (and some of his sleeping) hours thinking about where and what to ride next. Robin has 20+ years professional experience as an illustrator/designer, which he still finds time for, but enjoys his days at The Rider Firm and being surrounded by all things bike and people who like to ride them.

Simon Turk Strava

Customer Service, Tech, Dispatch & Triathlon Adviser

Simon helps you with any questions you may have and helps with the logistics behind getting you the wheels

A long-time local rider to us here in West Sussex, Simon has spent decades riding the Sussex lanes and South Downs MTB trails. Simon is also somewhat of an accomplished triathlete having completed full distance Ironman events. Simon has also rolled the boards completing the Paris Roubaix challenge. Simon’s definitely the gentleman of the office and that comes through in his politeness and expertise when helping serve riders with an eternally positive attitude.

Jack Tweddle Strava

Supply Chain Manager

Lead Customer Service

Jack helps you find out more about our wheels and oversees any direct communications you may have with the rest of the team here.

Jack, AKA ‘Twed Flanders’ for his recent tash addition and uncanny resemblence, is currently a road mile basher hitting up 150+ miles just on his weekly commute! Jack grew up on the trails of Derbyshire on his MTB, moving up to Downhill racing through BMX, so he’s pretty much covered all bases and has wide knowledge of bike tech. A veteran of several years working for one of the UK’s leading cycle specialists Leisure Lakes, Jack most recently worked as an award winning customer service expert at American Express who have a huge focus on world-class customer care. Jack also has an impressive education including a 1st class honours degree and a Masters in Social and Political Thought so you can imagine the levels of care Jack goes to make sure he does his best for customers!

Julie White Strava

Finance and Accounts

Julie does things with money and keeps things above board.

Julie is our numbers person. Taking care of the books and making sure everything is correct is what she does best. She's got a distinct passion for numbers and solving problems but that doesn't stop her from going out for a ride every now and again.

Sarah White Strava

Customer Services, OE Manager and HUNT OpenDev Team Manager

Sarah helps out Orignal Equipment Clients (bike companies) and answers any questions you may have.

Sarah first got into mountain biking after being convinced by her husband to start riding. Six years on she now has more Strava achievements than him! Sarah mostly rides mountain bikes and after a few years of upgrading and moving on she has managed to land her dream bicycle - a Santa Cruz Bronson, and she also has a rather sweet carbon Trek road bike too. At TheRiderFirm, Sarah is the main point of contact for our OE clients as well as clothing manager.

Adam Bedford Strava

Operations Coordinator

Customer and Product Service

Adam works on keeping our operations and warehouse efficient and accurate as well as offering excellent after sales service for your wheels.

Adam has an extensive history working in bicycle stores all over the UK. The knowledge he has attained from years spent on the shop floor as well as being in the workshop means he is extremely handy at tuning wheels as well as having an extensive knowledge on all the components which make up a wheel system. Adam devotedly rides a single-speed road bike to and from TheRiderFirm, but also enjoys days spent out on the road and MTB trails.

Lee Minall Strava

Customer Service & Tech - Goods-In Coordinator

Lee makes sure your bike and wheels arrive in time with everything running smoothly

After semi-retiring, Lee has come to team from a background in IT management wanted to rediscover his passion for bikes. What better way to do that than by working at TheRiderFirm! Lee will be helping out across all of the teams here at Hunt, making sure you get your wheels on time and answer any questions you may have!

Daniel Gillborn

Non Executive Director

Daniel supports the business owners and the wider team on strategic and team development

Daniel has worked within the bike industry for the last 9 years, formerly leading the Cyclescheme business in the UK as a part of his board and leadership positions within the Grass Roots Group, an Employee Benefits and Engagement business. Having worked across multiple business disciplines Daniel works directly with the owners of the business to support the acceleration of the businesses product and people strategy. Daniel is a keen road cyclist (and Brompton commuter), riding Paris-Roubaix and also competing in triathlons to Ironman distance amongst other things.

Alex Taylor Strava

Customer Service Team Manager

Alex manages the daily activities of the team at The Rider Firm

Former manager of South Downs Bikes, Alex has come to the Hunt Team to make sure everything is running like a Swiss watch. But like a Swiss army knife his riding switches between the MTB and road. You can find him taking on the Roubaix Sportif one weekend then smashing laps at BikePark Wales the next. As a self-confessed Trek fan and collector of retro bikes, his stable is certainly one to be jealous of!

Jim 'Jimbo' Barrow Strava

Mechanic and Wheel Builder

Jim builds wheels and fixes everything at The Rider Firm

Jim spends most of his life dreaming about being back on the Tour Divide trail. A mountain biker for almost as long as there have been mountain bikes in the UK, he’s raced XC, 12hr, 24hr, Enduro and is happy as long as his tyres are in the dirt. These days, when he's not building up wheels here at The Rider Firm, you’re likely to find him coaching MTB skills, organising guided rides or sleeping under a bush somewhere on another bikepacking trip.

Dom Knight

Graphic Designer and HUNT MTB Communications

Dom designs stunning visuals and looks after MTB Coms

One of Steyning's original locals, from building and riding Steyning trails in its early stages at the age of 13, Dom's grown up with this place and its surrounding area. Racing from the age of 14, proudly claiming a successful Youth and Junior rally of wins and podiums, including Red Bulls urban downhilll race through the University of Plymouth, taking the top step in Junior. After graduating from Plymouth University, studying Graphic Design he went on to travel the world, riding season after season, from the French Alps to Queenstown, New Zealand. After slowly falling out of love with racing, Dom went on to start creating media content, using his degree, working with photographers, gaining a new purpose for riding his bike again. He gained article features in worldwide online magazines such as Pinkbike, Vital MTB and Spoke Magazine.

Dom will be floating in and out of Whistler for the next few years, creating as much content as he can, representing HUNT along with a few of his other sponsors, doing his best to succeed in both his career and riding.

Simon McNamaraStrava

Customer Service & Tech

Simon helps answering all questions you might have on Cairn Cycles or anything else cycling related

Simon started his career in the cycling industry as a trainee mechanic at M&J Cycles in Brighton. After a short break, he joined Southdowns Bikes as a Store Manager at Storrington in 2011. He went on to qualify as Body Geometry Fitter in 2013, going to gain Level II and became a certified fitter over at Morgan Hills HQ in 2015.

Simon loves all things bike related and sees himself as a bit of a versatile cyclist. He's raced at National level on road, track, MTB & TT and he's in his 30th consecutive year racing! Whether it's racing, training, commuting or hitting the trails for some off-road fun, he basically loves just being out on the bike and tries to ride whenever he can as opposed to taking a car.

His palmares includes winning the European Masters Road Race in the 40-45 category. He's also won the Vuelta Mallorca Masters stage race 40+ in 2018. In the same year, he finished a 25 mile TT with a 47:45 which was fast enough to finish 20th in the National Championships. His best ever 10 miler is 19:04 and he's been a multiple Sussex TT Champ. To say the least, he's now one of the fastest members of the team.

Matt Carr

Customer Service, Tech & Dispatch

Matt helps with events and the dispatch side of things

Matt has over thirty years racing experience from BMX, Cyclocross, TT, Road, MTB, Triathlon & Hill Climb. He even competed in the first ever UK MTB race and is a pioneer of 24 hour solo racing. Matt has tested bikes and products for numerous magazines and bike companies and was a key player in the 29er revolution with many days and nights spent chewing the fat with Keith Bontrager and Gary Fisher.

His favourite cycling moment has been the work he's doing with Sustrans - going into schools and seeing the look on kids' faces when they ride for the first time! He's now joined The Rider Firm to help with exhibitions and events and also give our dispatch team a hand to get your wheels ready and shipped as fast as possible.