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Cyclescheme Available | £1000 Off E-Adventure | 60 Day Ride & Return Policy

Copy of Cyclescheme at Cairn Cycles

Cyclescheme Logo

We are delighted to announce that Cyclescheme is coming to Cairn Cycles

What is Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme is the UK’s leading provider of tax-free bikes for the Government’s Cycle to Work initiative.

It’s a brilliant programme where everyone wins – employees make big savings on new bikes, whilst employers get a healthier, more motivated workforce and everyone enjoys significant savings.

Services to employers are provided completely free-of-charge and include secure access to a scheme management website, online Hire Agreements that minimise paperwork, expert advice and scheme marketing tools. Any size of scheme is catered for and we have a well- established reputation for fast and efficient service.

If you are an employer and you are not yet a Cyclescheme member – click here to get involved

See general Cyclescheme FAQs here

How does Cyclescheme work?

Get the Cairn gear that suits your ride. Go for a bike, a bike and accessories, or just accessories – it’s your choice. Applying for the scheme is quick and easy.

1. Select Your Package & Apply

Once you have decided which bike and accessories you require, you just need to request your certificate from Cyclescheme here and let them know you’re ready to get your new bike! Use the calculator further down the page to check how much you can save.

Once it’s been approved your certificate will be issued via email to you ready for you to get your Cyclescheme package.

2. Get your bike

Now here comes the exciting part. It’s time to trade your certificate for your Cyclescheme package. Buy on our website, redeem the certificate at checkout and take advantage of home delivery.

Your Hire Agreement kicks in when you receive the bike and you start making impressive tax savings (at least 25%!). For the next 12 months, you’ll pay a fixed amount from your salary every time you’re paid. This is taken from your pre-tax salary and reduces the amount of Income Tax and National Insurance you pay resulting in great savings. For standard rate payers this is 25%, or for higher rate 42%.

3. Choose an ownership option

After 12 months, your company transfers ownership to you for a small one-off fee. If your Cyclescheme package was under £500 you’ll pay just 3% of the original value, or for packages over £500 you’ll pay just 7%. So if you had a package worth £1,000 you’ll pay just £70. And that’s all you need to do!

For the next 36 months, your Cyclescheme package will remain ‘hired’ with no more payday payments to make. At the end of this time, ownership of your package will automatically transfer to you, leaving you to enjoy your bike for many happy years to come!

See Cyclescheme's full End of Hire information here

How to redeem your certificate on our website?

Calculate Your Savings

Order process

All you need to do is add the product you want, choose the Pay Now payment option and add to cart.

Click on the Cyclescheme logo on the cart page, fill in some information and choose the Cyclescheme payment option at the checkout page. Put in your certificate number and redemption code and click "Redeem".

That's it! Your new Cairn is all paid for and we'll do our best to send it out to you as soon as possible