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Cairn Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

All bikes need special care to keep them running smoothly through the tough winter months. There are some points specific to E-bikes that will ensure optimal performance, longevity and battery health. Here are some tips to keep your Cairn running smoothly through the winter:
Riding up a hilly street

Keep it Clean: Clean your Cairn E-Bike regularly, especially after riding on salted roads and dirty trails. Salt can accelerate corrosion and dirt and grit will cause your drivetrain to wear faster. Use a mild detergent and water, avoiding high-pressure washers that can force water into sensitive areas. Remove the battery prior to cleaning. Clean the drive system components gently with a cloth or soft brush, do not immerse in water or use aggressive cleaning products. Check that the radiator on the Fazua drivepack is clean and the drainage hole is clear.

Inspect Frame and Components: Regularly inspect the frame and components for signs of wear or damage caused by harsh weather conditions. Chain wear can happen faster on E-bikes due to increased torque and this is further accelerated by gritty wet conditions. Check your chain regularly with a chain wear gauge and replace as necessary to avoid prematurely wearing your chainring and cassette too.

Store Indoors: Whenever possible, store your Cairn indoors to protect it from extreme cold, moisture, and snow. If stored outside, use a waterproof cover. 

Protect Electrical Components: Use a toothbrush and a water dispersing spray to clean the electrical contacts points and then apply a dielectric grease to protect them from water ingress. The motor itself is factory sealed with grease applied internally so just needs a wipe over with a cloth. Don’t be tempted to spray anything into the motor shell as this will dilute the factory applied grease.

Correct battery storage: Cold temperatures can affect battery performance. We suggest always storing your Fazua battery above 5 degrees Celsius. If your bike lives in a cold garage or shed, it's best to remove the battery and store it indoors when not in use. If your bike will be left unused for a period of time, the battery should only be charged to 60% and checked after a maximum of 6 months. Once it's dropped to 20%, it should be topped back up to 60%. A full guide to winter battery care is available from Fazua here.

Check tyre pressure: Cold weather can cause tyre pressure to drop. Ensure tyres are properly inflated as lower pressure can affect handling and increase the risk of flats. Consider using grippier puncture-resistant tyres for winter riding.

Winter ride on the Rambler

Check your brakes: Wet, muddy and gritty conditions can wear down brake pads faster. Check and replace brake pads and rotors if they are worn to maintain optimal braking performance. Sintered pads can be a better choice for the winter months as they are more hardwearing. Check that your rotors are compatible with sintered pads before making any changes.

Lubrication: Apply bike-specific lubricant to the chain, derailleur, and other moving parts. However, be cautious as some lubes may thicken in colder temperatures. Use products designed for low temperatures. 

Fenders and mudguards: Install fenders and mudguards to protect you and the bike's components from road debris, mud, and water, keeping them cleaner and extending their lifespan. We sell Mud Huggers on our site here, but other guards such as SKS will also work well.

Adjust riding style: Be cautious when riding in winter conditions. Reduce speed, especially on icy surfaces, if you start to slide avoid steering or breaking heavily and sudden movements will make you more likely to fall. When riding on soft mud get used to the bike moving a little under you. It will slide a little but soon regain traction if you maintain smooth pedalling. It’s a good idea to use lights even during daylight hours to be seen on grey or misty days: remember, the night rolls in faster than expected so don’t get caught out without them.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your Cairn remains in top condition to keep you riding during harsh winter conditions. If you need further support with your Fazua system you can find a list of certified dealers close to you here. 


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